Chat Where You Are

Start a new chat or access your chat history and Doky contacts from any device. Change devices midstream and pick up right where you left off, even across platforms. Start a chat on a Windows PC at work and finish it on a MacBook, iPad or Linux-based system at home.

Collaborate Across Media

Chats often lead to screen sharing, phone calls, video conferences, or file sharing. From Doky chat, these means of communication are all woven seamlessly together. Files can be added to posts, opened and edited without being downloaded. And “Call” and “Video Call” buttons along with a PC-to-phone dialer for free international calls* are located within the chat window.

Unified Platform for Collaboration in the Cloud

As you and your team members move back and forth between email, chat, document editing, accessing private or shared drives, screen sharing, conference calls and video conferencing, you don’t have to jump from app to app or window to window. Everything is conveniently located together within Doky. And none of it needs to reside on devices – it can all stay 100% in the cloud, giving you instant access to everything the moment you log in, no matter how many devices you use throughout the day.

*Note: Free international calls may not be available with all subscription levels.