Email on your domain or ours with many value-added features including advanced encryption
Doky hosts millions of secure email addresses on tens of thousands of active domains in the US and around the world. It’s an ideal solution for individuals, teams, domain managers, and small enterprises. And despite its ultra-competitive pricing, Doky email comes with unparalleled security and a host of additional features that keep Doky well ahead of the competition.


There are three domain options, so everyone can choose an ideal solution

Get an email address on a Doky domain or subdomain
( or

Use Doky to host email on an domain name you already own ( If you do, Doky can also offer you an SSL certificate to make your domain a secure https domain

Get a personalized domain from Doky,
also including an SSL certificate

In addition to SSL certification for your domain, Doky comes with virtualized applications that let you open and edit all common types of attachments without having to download them first. This not only saves time, it is a great way to keep you safe. Downloading attachments is a common way to spread viruses, malware, spyware and the like. Doky also comes with storage, not just for your emails, but for use with any types of files. Your Doky drive is not only a convenient place to store your documents, photos, images and more, it’s also provides a convenient opportunity to share those with others, as desired.

Doky gives users the option to encrypt any email with advanced, PGP encryption, so no one can read them without a password. And amazingly, in an age where service providers everywhere are reading your content, categorizing your interests and psychographics, and using that to profile you so they can share your profile with advertisers, Doky takes the opposite approach. Your privacy comes first. From the moment you create your account, you’ll notice that Doky does not ask for any personal data. We regard privacy as an inalienable right. With encrypted emails, not even Doky can read your emails, so you never have to worry about us sharing data with third parties. Doky does not access MAC addresses, and doesn’t even keep any IP records that can be linked to your anonymous email account.

Email is a great means of communication. But when an email thread starts getting too long, or too confusing, it may be time to ring someone’s phone, open a chat window, share your screen, or start a video conference call. Doky includes all of these communication and collaboration features. Whenever it’s time to think outside the (in)box, other lines of communication are only a click away.