Your Cloud Drive
All Doky subscription levels include cloud storage on Doky Drive. From a 1 GB drive for free customers to 10 TB of shared space for a team of 50 people, Doky offers a highly secure and convenient cloud drive with value added features. Users can create as many subfolders as needed. For team plans, each folder can be shared with others or kept private. Enhanced and Premium plans allow you users to add external collaborators, providing them access to specific Doky Drive folders along with other Doky features including apps and collaboration tools. Files stored on Doky Drive may be accessed from any device with a browser, making it as convenient as possible to access files

Better Access to Your Cloud Storage Files
In addition to allowing users to store any type of file on Doky Drive including office documents, photos, music, PDFs, graphic illustrations and layered images, Doky also provides the ability to open and edit these files within Doky instead of having to install or run software on your device. Keeping everything in the cloud means everything is instantly available from any device.

DropBox Integration
Adding an existing DropBox account into Doky is quick and easy, so you don’t have to move older documents into Doky (though doing so is easy if that is desired). Alternately, some customers choose to use their Doky Drive for work documents and DropBox for personal documents, or vice versa.
Normally, through the DropBox application program interface, you have to download a document before being able to edit it. Doky allows you to skip this step, opening and editing a DropBox file without having to download it. It’s a convenient, self-contained, 100% cloud solution for individuals or teams.

Cloud Storage Plus
Doky makes cloud storage more convenient than ever by combining it with a great suite of applications and a communications and collaboration suite including email, chat screen sharing and so much more. Start your Doky subscription today.