What is Doky?

Doky strives to be the fastest, easiest to use, and most secure cloud operating system available. Combining an online operating system with virtualized apps, storage, email and a host of other features, Doky can replace the functions of a local computer, providing a robust virtual workspace in the cloud that is accessible from any computer, anywhere, anytime. Doky makes every computer your computer. In addition, Doky has many features that make it ideal for small, highly-collaborative teams.

What is Cloud Computing?

PC Magazine defines cloud computing concisely and effectively as “storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.” Doky does just that. Your local device simply needs to give you access to the internet through a browser. Once logged into Doky, you can access Doky storage drive with all your data, along with virtual apps that replace the types of programs that are typically installed on a personal computer.

What is a Virtual Workspace?

Logging into a personal computer gives you access to hard drives, files, software, a browser, email, office documents, video conferencing, instant messaging and more, driven by an operating system. A virtual workspace does the same thing, but it lives in the cloud, allowing you to access all these things from any device through a browser. Once you log, you’re virtually signing into a personal computer that lives in the cloud. If you log out in the middle of work, with a number of documents, emails and chats still open, you can log back in using a different device and pick right back up where you left off. To make this even more convenient, Doky Spaces allows you to place everything associated with a given project in the same tab for easy access.

What Apps are Included with Doky?

Each pricing plan comes with virtualized apps. Five apps are offered on the free plan, including OpenOffice, LibraOffice and MasterPDF, allowing users to open and edit any type of office or PDF document. Fifty apps are included with the highest subscription level. Visit our Market page for a detailed look at Doky virtualized apps.

How Much Does Doky Cost?

Doky is a monthly subscription with no long-term commitment. Each of its pricing plans are extremely competitively priced. Individual and group plans are available for as little as $3 per month per user. A feature-limited but popular free version of Doky is also available.

What System Requirements Does Doky Have?

Doky only requires a browser and an internet connection. It is a cloud-based service with nothing to download. Doky can be accessed from any device, and using any operating system. It is compatible with major browsers, such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera. Doky is capable of delivering a high-end computer experience on the leanest of systems.

Is Doky a Good Cloud Storage Solution?

Doky includes cloud storage with each subscription level, ranging from 1 GB to 10 TB, but does not offer storage on an a-la-carte basis. Users can store any type of file, either on their Doky Drive or any subfolders they create, or by integrating with an existing DropBox account. Multi-user subscription levels allow users to share selected folders with their team, or with external collaborators. In addition, Doky has virtualized applications capable of opening any common file type, making it easy to open and edit files without downloading them. This helps keep your devices safe from viruses and malware, and keeps all your files in the cloud where they can be accessed on any of your devices.

Is Doky a Good Email Solution?

With personalized domains, high-end security, competitive pricing and many value-added features, Doky is a fantastic email solution, and email is one of Doky’s most popular features. Whether looking for a private email address as an individual, or branded email addresses for your whole team, Doky Email offers many compelling advantages over all competitive offers.

What Features Come with Doky?

Features vary by subscription level, but they include a blend of virtualized apps, email, and value-added features including a suite of communication and collaboration tools, as well as SSL certification to keep your domain secure. In addition, Doky includes a few special and popular features that are specifically for developers.

What is the Doky Foundation?

The Doky Foundation is a charitable foundation that provides cloud-based services at no charge to under resourced institutions. Doky is currently providing services to educational institutions in the Congo, Africa in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Learn more at DokyFoundation.org

Why is Doky a Linux Foundation Gold Member?

The mission of the Linux Foundation is building sustainable ecosystems around open source projects to accelerate technology development and commercial adoption. This makes Doky a great fit for the Foundation. Doky combines a Linux-based operating system with a number of virtualized, open-source apps, in addition to native apps and other features. This makes the Linux Operating System and fifty Open Source apps even more accessible, especially to organizations without a lot of technical resources. Doky begin a relationship with the Linux Foundation as a Silver Member in 2015 and has been a Gold Member since 2016.