Doky is your free cloud computer

Doky is available on Windows, Mac and Linux and in all major Browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

Doky Inc
Doky provides powerful, pre-configured workspaces in the cloud that aid individual and team productivity, communication and collaboration.


Doky maximizes productivity for millions of users with email, virtual apps, collaborative tools and cloud storage with file sharing. Each plan includes Open Office, chat, screen sharing, video conferencing, pc-to-phone calls and a task manager, creating a convenient, all-in-one cloud workspace that is instantly available without downloading or installing anything. Doky integrates seamlessly with Gmail, Slack, GitHub and DropBox. Leveraging the latest advances in cloud computing, Docker, Open Source and Linux, Doky delivers advanced speed, security, privacy, scalability and app streaming efficiency. Doky serves a global audience that includes developers, website owners, entrepreneurs and collaborative teams. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Doky brings the best of the cloud to your fingertips. Log In. Be Productive.

With its online-based operating system, Doky provides many unique features such as a seamless cloud storage solution, a Web Browser and multiple virtual desktop apps. See a full list of our features and applications.
Doky strives to be the fastest, most secure, easy to use, robust, accessible cloud operating system available. With a free Web platform that can replace the functions of a local computer, you can access anything from any computer, anywhere, anytime. Doky makes every computer your computer.
Doky offers a number of revolutionary features!
Log in and out of Doky from multiple computers and all your open tabs and windows will be just as you left them. Our Browser makes everything accessible across machines and time.

Doky is available on Windows, Mac and Linux and in all major Browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Opera.

With multiple free virtual desktops available within Doky, called Spaces, simply drag and drop files or Browser windows between each space to stay organized and manage projects.

The secure servers go through regular backup and replication, so you will never have to worry again about losing the data from a lost or stolen computer or from a failed hard drive. Your online storage is always there!